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The Library provides library, bibliographic and information services to residents of the city of Olomouc. Organisationally, the Library is divided into the Library Service Department, the Library Stock Management Department, the Operations Department, the Automation Department and the Department of Education, Cultural Activities, Databases and Editorial Activities.

The following Sections are located in the central building of the Library in the Náměstí Republiky Square (Republic Square):
- Children's and Young Adults' Section
- Adult Department:
a)    Adult Rental Section
b)    Music Rental Section
c)    Reading and Study Room
d)    Internet Centre
In addition, 6 Library Branches and 9 District Libraries provide library services in the city of Olomouc
The Automated Rental Protocol (renting via computer), which is implemented throughout the Library and which is used for text-message reminders, stock reservations or search, on-line booking and renewals, speeds up the communication with the reader and gives us more time to focus on individual library work.

Well-educated, professional and communicative librarians with friendly attitude towards readers and an understanding of their needs are here to make sure that people enjoy visiting the libraries and that they are not empty.

Free internet access for everybody further expands the scope of modern information services and attracts more visitors to the Library. There are also free courses available to residents of Olomouc, with a special focus on minority groups (senior citizens, unemployed, mothers after maternity leave).

Our opening hours are sufficiently long, including Saturdays, with as few changes as possible. The Library does not close during summer months or Christmas holidays. On the contrary, during all school holidays, the opening hours of our Children's Sections are extended and they are open in the morning as well. We visit physically impaired citizens in their care centres (located in Peškova, Erenburgova and Fisherova Streets).

The renting of books and other documents is positively impacted by purchasing the requested library stock. If a book is not available in our permanent library stock, it is possible to use the Interlibrary Loan Service to have it delivered from another Czech or foreign library.

In addition to its primary activities, which is undoubtedly the loaning of books and other documents and the provision of information services, the Library also organises a number of educational, cultural and entertaining events for children and adults, particularly with a view to promote the services and options offered by the Library. The most popular events are:

- Andersen Night - a nationwide event for children full of games, fairy tales and fantasies, which takes place at night in the Library;
- PRVOTINY - a literary contest ending with an award ceremony and the issuance of a collection of entries;
- the Open House under the scope of the European Heritage Days - held in the building located in the Náměstí Republiky Square and in the cubist villa in Brněnská Street;
- the annual Week of Libraries event
- the periodic musical evenings Gramoparty or Shared Joy, where the introduction to various classical and modern musical genres is performed by the participants themselves - music enthusiasts and amateurs;
- the nationwide event A Day for a Children's Book;-
- a trivia contest for all young readers named "The Man and the Earth";
- Literary Cafés - discussions with cultural and political celebrities;
- exhibitions at the Internet Centre held in the Náměstí Republiky Square in the Adult Rental Section and in the foyer of our branch in Brněnská Street.

The Library itself creates an electronic database of the personalities of the Central Moravia, which is available on-line and which is used every year to as a source for the printed calendar of the Personalities of the Central Moravia.

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