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Library Rules


The Olomouc City Library

In agreement with the Establishment Deed of the Olomouc City Library, approved by the town Municipal Representatives of the City of Olomouc on 21st September 2009 and according to Article 4(6), Act No. 257/ 2001 Coll., (i.e. the Library Act), I hereby issue the following Library Rules:        


Basic provisions

Article 1 - The Role and Activity of the Olomouc City Library  

            The Olomouc City Library represents a basic type of library according to Articles 3 and 12, Act 257/2001 Coll. It has been established to provide public librarian and information services specified in Articles 2, 4 and 14 of the Library Act to all citizens without exception and guarantee an equal approach to information and cultural values that are included in the collections and information databases of the library.

The aforementioned services are provided by the following sections: a section for adult readers (containing a circulating library for adult readers, a reading room and a study hall, music and music-media loan section and an Internet centre), a children and youth department, city branches and libraries in municipal regions.

The Olomouc City Library (hereinafter referred to as the Library) is an allowance organization with a juridical identity; it administrates the city's property and makes sure that the users protect and do not damage the library collections and equipment.


Article 2 - Public Librarian and Information Services  

1.    The library provides librarian and information services to the users (hereinafter referred to as Services) in a way specified by the respective chapters of the Library Act.

This includes namely:

a)     loan services:

       lending library units within the building (i.e. reference only),

              lending library units outside the building (i.e. charge-out services);

b)     interlibrary loans and reprographic services within the Czech Republic, alternatively international interlibrary loans;

c)      copying of librarian documents;

d)     information services: advisory, information on catalogues, databases, collections, information of a bibliographical and factual character, access to local and network electronic databases;

         Internet access;

consultations, information on public administration, the EU and the non-profit sector;

advertising services: organizing of guided tours, informative lectures concerning the library and its services, publicity of the library in the press and other media, creation and upgrading of the library website and Facebook, organizing of lectures, discussions and other programmes for children, students and the public;

lectures for groups of citizens and other special services.

The library charges fees (i.e. payment of really spent costs) for the users' registration, penalty charges, charges for reprographic and copying services and certain special services. All fees charged by the library comply with the Library Rules specified in the Price List which accompanies the Library Rules.



Users of librarian and information services

The library provides its services only to those users who have been properly registered and paid a registration fee in one of the library branches. Only users using the free Internet access are excluded from the charges.

Validity of the registration charge is one year (i.e. 365 days).

The following persons can be registered:

a citizen of the Czech Republic with a completed application form and a valid ID card; when applying for reduced fee, students are required to supply their proof of study, old age pensioners and full disability pensioners are required to supply their proof of pension and the disabled are required to supply their Disability Certificate;


children up to 6 years of age, if one of their parents is a library customer. In this case, the child's registration is identical with the parent's registration;

children and the youth from 6 to 15 years of age who produce their pupil's record books, student's certificates (or their legitimate representative's valid ID card) and their parents' approval of personal data storage;

EU citizens together with citizens of Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein and Switzerland who submit their ID card; citizens of other countries who submit their valid passport and residence permit;

an organization or institution which submits an application form bearing the name of a person responsible for the borrowed material.

The user is required to identify himself with his/her registration card and hand it over immediately upon approaching the loan counter. The registration card is non-transferable; the user is responsible for its potential misuse. If the customer requires services without a valid card, he/she must identify himself with his/her ID card and pay a fee according to the valid Price List. If the customer is unable to arrive at the library for a serious reason, he/she can authorize a representative who must submit a written authorisation containing the card holder's name, surname, date of birth and the representative's name, surname and date of birth. The representative has to identify himself with his/her ID card. Borrowed books can be returned by anybody on behalf of the reader.

The library requires basic identification data for a registration, i.e. the name and surname, permanent address and the date of birth. The user is obliged to provide this information and allow the library to process it if he/she wishes to use the library services to a full extent. A user who does not approve of processing basic identification data can only use services that do not require registration (i.e. the Internet centre). In addition to the required data, the user can add the following information: an academic degree, temporary address and other contacts (e.g. a phone number and an e-mail address).

The user is obliged to immediately announce a change of his/her name, address and loss or misuse of the reader's card.

Personal data will be stored for the duration of the user's registration; after its termination it will be cleared. The library is authorized to process the users' personal data on the basis of a registration at The Office for Personal Data Protection, Havelkova 22, 130 00 Praha 3.

When processing personal data, the library proceeds according to the legislation, an internal guideline, these library rules and other obligatory legal regulations. The personal data are processed by the library employees using a manual and automatic method and stored in an inaccessible place.

The reason for collecting and processing personal data lies in protection of the library resources and quality and directness of provided services in line with the following obligatory legal norms and laws:

Act No. 257/2001 Coll., regarding libraries and conditions for providing librarian services (the Library Act),

Act No. 563/1991 Coll., regarding the Accounting Act, as amended,

Act No. 121/2000 Coll., regarding copyright, rights related to copyright and modification of certain acts (i.e. the Copyright Act).

In addition, the library collects service data, data on the loan registration, its prolongation, reservation of books, posted requests for return and data on performed financial transactions between the library and the user.

The users are not allowed to eat, sleep or use mobile phones in the loan sections or disturb other persons with loud conversation in the reading room, the study hall and the Internet centre. The customers are obliged to treat other persons with respect and observe rules of proper conduct in all departments of the library. Visitors who bother other persons with smell or unsuitable or aggressive conduct may by ordered out of the premises.

Most of the library premises are monitored for ensuring greater comfort of proper users. The camera outputs are accessible only to trained personnel and no pictures are recorded.




Lending librarian documents outside the library

The loans are determined by the library. Up to ten library units can be borrowed per one registration card. Borrowing more expensive volumes must be confirmed with the user's signature.

The regular loan period (or a temporary change) is announced at the entrance to each department that provides services to the public and on the library website.

The user is obliged to leave his/her outwear, bags and luggage in the cloakroom before entering the loan sections of the Olomouc City Library. Visitors to the children and youth department are requested to put their outwear in lockers outside the department. If they fail to respect this rule, no services will be provided.

The loan period for books is four weeks. The library can, however, determine a shorter loan period or demand returning the document prior to its expiration. The library can prolong the loan period (in person, by phone or by e-mail) by additional four weeks on user's demand unless another customer requests the document, but only twice.

The user can request reservation of library documents for a fee. The request will be accepted with regard to the library's potentialities and according to the registration schedule. The library reserves a document for one week upon the date of posting a written notification.

Library units that the library does not possess in its collections are provided by means of an interlibrary loan service; the user is obliged to strictly observe the stipulated date of return.

Library documents of the reference library are provided only for internal use and are not to be taken away from the respective departments.  

If a user or a member of his/her family becomes ill with an infection disease, he/she is obliged to report this fact to the library and secure disinfection of the borrowed documents.

Children under 15 years of age should make their registration in the children and youth department; however, they can use services of all departments of the library.



Bibliographical and information services

The library provides information of a general character, personal information and information on the Haná region to all users. The users' enquiries are answered verbally or in writing. They have a form of an outline of the requested literature supplemented with information on its availability. When formulating the replies, the library uses information from its resources and databases.

2.     The library determines the date of processing the enquiry in an agreement with the user.




Reading room and study hall services

1.     The user can use services of the reading room and the study hall after submitting his/her registration card. The reading room provides the two latest issues of the daily press and the latest issues of magazines which are distributed on the shelves; they can only be used inside the premises. The user borrows the magazines by himself/herself and returns them to their original spot. Certain selected latest issues of magazines are provided by the librarian on demand.

2.     Older issues of the daily press and magazines from the current year are loaned outside the premises for two weeks, ten issues at most. Complete issues of an entire year (i.e. different form the current year) can only be borrowed based on an agreement with the librarian.

The library can prolong the loan period (in person, by phone or e-mail) by additional two weeks on user's demand unless another customer requests the document, but only twice.

Collections of laws and library documents from the reference library are only available on the premises and are not to be taken away from the reading room or the study hall.



Internet centre services

1.     The Internet centre services are freely accessible and free of charge.

2.     The visitors are obliged to respect the Operating Instructions of the Internet Centre; a failure to comply may result in declining the services.



Lending music and music media

1.     The Music and Music Media Department lends books, music, LPs, CDs and magazines; it offers listening to LPs and CDs from the library collections on the library equipment; a reference library with books on music is available.   

2.     The loan period for music is four weeks, for magazines and LPs two weeks. The library can prolong the loan period (in person, by phone or e-mail) of music by another four weeks and of magazines and LPs by another two weeks on the user's demand unless another customer requests the document, but only twice. The loan period for CDs (three CDs at most) is three days; it can be prolonged only once.  

Borrowing sheet music and magazines is free of charge. LPs and CDs are charged. Charged services must be paid in cash.

4.     Books from the reference library, the latest issues of magazines and other documents and AV media intended for internal study or listening are not loaned outside the premises.

5.     The user is not allowed to copy sheet music from the library collections (refer to the Copyright Act).



Guidelines for using computer technology

1.     The user is obliged to use only software provided by the library.

2.     The users are forbidden to copy or distribute parts of the library's operating system and applications or programmes installed in the library.

The users are allowed to copy information obtained from databases publicized on the library network or on the Internet to formatted floppy discs purchased from the library or to Flash memory media.

4.     The users are fully responsible for their potential interferences with the computer configuration that might affect the computer or the network; they are also fully responsible for damages caused by incompetent manipulation with the computer technology including damages caused by viruses spread by the user.

5.     Obtained information and data (in any form and on any medium) serve exclusively for the user's personal needs and studies. They may not be further distributed, copied, loaned, shared (even on a computer network), sold or used in any other way, particularly for commercial purposes.

6.     The users are obliged to respect copyright protection of the data (refer to Act No. 121/2000 Coll., the Copyright Act).



Disciplinary measures

1.     By signing the application form and studying the Library Rules, the user obliges himself to observe the Library Rules and the library personnel's instructions, to protect the equipment and collections of the library, to treat the used technology and reader's tools with respect, to comply with inspection measures necessary for keeping order and protecting the property, to be quiet and keep order.

2.     The users are obliged to treat the borrowed library units with care; they are not authorized to lend them to other persons. They are fully responsible for the items throughout the loan period (even for reference-only loans).   Damages on library documents detected during returning the books are to be paid by the user even if the damage was inflicted earlier, but the user had failed to point it out during the takeover.

The users are not allowed to bring dogs or bicycles into the library, skate or ride scooters. The library is not responsible for potential losses. Mobile phones may only be used in the corridors.  

4.     Relationships between the user and the library arising from loaning library items and mutual rights and obligations are subject to the Civil Code.

5.     If the user fails to return any of the borrowed material within the specified loan period, the library will stop further loans until the material is returned.

6.     If the user fails to return the borrowed documents on time, he/she is obliged to pay a late return fee (refer to the Library Rules for the Price List).

7.     The user is obliged to immediately inform the library about a loss, destruction or damage of a borrowed document. He/she is obliged to restore the damage by:

a)  obtaining an identical document (i.e. the book, magazine, music, GD, CD) of the same publication and providing it to the library as a replacement;

b)  paying a price specified by the librarian if the library unit is not available on the market;

c)  paying repair costs to the library if the library document has been damaged.

In all cases of document replacements, the user is obliged to pay a new library processing.

The user is obliged to pay all other costs related to the damage and removal of its implications.

8.     The library demands a fee for a damaged or lost registration card and issuing a new card.

9.     If the user fails to settle the damages within the specified period, the compensation will be enforced by law. The legal costs will be paid by the user.

10.   The library membership expires for users who:

a)  sign off;

b)  do not renew their registration for the respective period;

c)  do not pay the registration fee;

d)  willingly or unwillingly damage a library document or cause damage to the library and refuse to pay the specified replacement;

e)  are expelled by the library management due to violation of the Library Rules.



Final provisions

1.     The users may make complaints and comment on the activities of the library verbally or in writing to the heads of the individual departments or directly to the library director.

2.     The library director is authorized to allow exceptions from the Library Rules in serious cases.

The Library Rules come into effect on 1st April 2003; simultaneously, the Library Rules of the Olomouc Regional Library dated 16th December 1999 lose their validity.    

Update of Point II 2.c) of the Library Rules occurred on 10th April 2006, of Point II 2.b), c) on 1st January 2009 and correction of department names and approval date of the new Establishment Deed occurred on 4th January 2010.  



RNDr. Lenka Prucková

Director of the Olomouc City Library

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